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Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate/Employee Wellness Programs


An Employee Wellness Program is an employer approach to improving employees' health. Wellness programs include activities such as company-sponsored exercise, weight-loss competitions, educational seminars, tobacco-cessation programs and health screenings that are designed to help employees eat better, lose weight and improve their overall physical health.


In addition to improving employee productivity and decreasing sick days and leaves of absence, all of which reduce operating costs, a company may be able to lower its health insurance benefit expenses by offering a wellness program. Employees can benefit from wellness programs through lower health insurance premiums, decreased out-of-pocket medical expenditures and an increased sense of well-being.


The Fitness Studuio has successfully worked with multiple companies and designed very specific programs based on those company's needs.  With a very versitile and highly experienced staff of trainers, Misty Jaymes and her team can implement a program that can get your employees on a track of a PROactive healthy lifestyle rather than a REactive one.