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Kid/Teen Programs


Kid's and Teen's Programs


Small Group Sports Performance Training (2-4 Participants)

With the use plyometrics, core conditioning, tire runs, ladder training, rope training, stair/hill runs, circuit and interval training your young athlete will gain strength, agility and balance that will enhance his/her performance in any sport.  These fast moving workouts will ensure your young athlete will not get bored and we will end the sessions with a series of beneficial stretches.


One on One Sports Performance Training 

All of the above in a one on one setting.


One on One General Personal Fitness Training 

It is imperative we start educating our youth of the importance of being fit.  "Fit" is not just about getting away from the computer, video game console, smart phone or television.  It's about making healthy food choices, getting enough rest, exercising, learning how to deal with conflict, and keeping a positive and confident attitude.