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"I have been training with Misty for about 18 months after trying it alone for about three years. Although I saw some progress on my own, I have definitely improved myself since working with her. People compliment me on my fitness on a regular basis. Although I have been active and have exercised all my adult life, I knew I was going to need help to achieve my goal which was to complete the Tough Mudder this past June. Not only did I complete it, I was able to keep up with people half my age - I'm 58! On the steepest, longest hill, I was able to keep up with the 20 year olds - thanks to the unending dreaded lunges, squats and squat jumps. Misty somehow knows your limits and pushes you to (and beyond) them every day. Whatever your goals, if you are willing, she will help you reach them. And she does so with a great personality!" Doug Leh


“My pain saver…aka MISTY JAYMES! I am 27 and was in a near fatal car accident on January 30, 2008. I was hit by a drunk driver. My life was changed in an instant. Physical therapy only kept me for so long and then they told me I was on my own. After being on my death bed with multiple injuries and surviving I take my heath very seriously. That’s how I found MISTY! I can’t even express how much she has helped me get my life back. She is kind and sweet and takes my injuries into consideration with every exercise. After being with MISTY only a few short months she helped me get back to me both mentally AND physically. She is one of my biggest supporters! I believe I am physically stronger after the accident then I was before. Thanks to Misty! She helped me build muscle and with that muscle comes less ache and pain. I still experience soreness from workouts but NO PAIN NO GAIN! I’ve enjoyed every minute spent with her. She is not only THE BEST TRAINER EVER but she is also one of the most genuine people I have ever met. I look forward to every session. If your looking to improve your life look no further. Misty Jaymes is the way to go!” –ColeenFuller


I just left The Fitness Studio I still have that, 'so glad i worked out!' feeling.  It was another night of a Chris Watkins class.  I started at The Fitness Studio with two mornings of bootcamps with Chris.  Then I added one or two of his evening classes to my week when I knew I was stronger in mind and body.  Chris' classes continually challenge me.  That is the benfit of being at a studio where the instructor knows his students well and knows when they are ready to be pushed and challenged.  Tonight's class was no exception.  With each class I get stronger and more fit overall.  Chris knows how to work different body parts in each workout and with a variety of his classes you hit all areas of the body mulitple times.  I am a runner by nature but am also completely addicted to my workouts at The Fitness Studio. 


Saturday morning Tabata class with Suzanne is another great workout! It is a different type of class which keeps it interesting to me and contually motivates me. 


I also attend The Fitness Studio for the comradery amoung class members, Misty's personal touch and desire to cater to the needs of her members, and of course, her dog, Cooper!"  Lynn Morgan


"I walked up to The Fitness Studio with mixed emotions, out-of-shape, and unaware of what was in store for me. Yet those worries were immediately put at ease the moment I entered the studio because Misty has created a welcoming and motivating fitness environment for everyone. She has a staff of qualified trainers, all teaching engaging group classes and I cannot speak highly enough about all of the them. Chris Watkins is a true asset to the studio. With Chris’ training, I’ve lost nearly 30 pounds in less than 6 months! Each class is unique to the others, preventing your body from plateauing. Mid-class, Chris is able to seamlessly transition clients into modifications or added challenges as needed. His classes are worthwhile and difficult, yet they are not intimidating. There has never been a class without laughter, and never one without a lot of sweat! He incorporates many different styles of fitness moves and equipment, making every workout feel fresh. There is NO WAY that I could have reached my goals without his classes and The Fitness Studio. I thank myself repeatedly for finding the confidence to try the studio that first day because it has become such a special place to me. This is a gym unlike any other in the area, because every trainer puts in the time and effort for each individual, helping everyone on their individual paths to wellness and happiness.  Try a class and you’ll thank yourself too!"

Jennifer MacDonald


"About 8 months ago I called The Fitness Studio and Misty answered.  I was pretty unsure of the classes that were listed online but Misty convinced me to come and check it out.  I’m so glad I did. 


Throughout my life I’ve tried to be active but I never stuck with anything.  Going to a gym by myself, working with a trainer, walking, videos at home, etc.  I can’t really name them all.  Over the last 7 years I’ve lost a tremendous amount of weight but even after I lost weight I still couldn’t get myself motivated to do any kind of activity consistently; until I found The Fitness Studio.  I’ve been hooked ever since.  This is the first time in my life I can actually say that I enjoy working out.  Is it hard work?  Yes.  Do I struggle?  Yes.  Am I in the best shape in my life?  100%, Yes! 


The Fitness Studio has an atmosphere that is unlike any other gym I’ve been to.  There’s no judgment and as I like to say no one gives you the “side eye” as you are working out.  Everyone is so supportive, not only the staff, but also the other members of the studio.  A huge thanks to both Misty and Chris and everyone connected to The Fitness Studio.  An extra out shout to my fellow Bootcampers, you guys make all the difference too!  Thanks for pushing me, I may complain, but I love it"

Michelle Kernick


“When I met Misty, I had not been to the gym in years. I knew needed to get back in shape, but I lacked the confidence and motivation. My first opinion of Misty was that she was positive and outgoing. I was immediately drawn to those traits. In just a few sessions, I came to know Misty as an extremely competent trainer, and as a caring, honest person. She makes my workouts challenging, but she gives me the encouragement to push myself. My meetings with Misty are the highlights of my week! I have noticed weight lose and muscle gain, but most importantly, she helped me gain back what I lacked… self-confidence. I cannot praise Misty enough. She is truly a wonderful trainer, one of the best.” Jay Hendricks


"I've been working with Misty for a year and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Misty is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. I go to the studio kicking and screaming because working out is not my idea of having fun, however, her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere where I can complain and she places no judgments. She makes each workout challenging, creative." Renee Acconciomessa


One year ago, I started upon my fitness journey.  Feeling old, tired and out of shape I decided to change things.  Thank you to my wonderful trainer, Misty Jaymes, who pushed me, cheered me on and allowed me to rest at times.  I now can do 30 pushups as opposed to one and feel so much better.  I still have a way to go, but I made a new friend along the way who I would not trade for anything.  Thank you again, for believing in me!"  Deegan Fardon


"If you are looking for not only a fantastic incredible trainer but also a great life coach, Misty Jaymes is your girl!  I have been with Misty for over two years, and have never been happier with my training.  She, of course, knows fitness and training, but she is also able to just "talk" and be a fantastic friend.  There are days that I just don't feel like training, but I need to chat so I get my butt in gear and go see Misty!  By the end of the workout my stress level is significantly lowered, my head clearer, and my body beat up a bit!  I feel great the rest of the day!  Misty is also extremely conscience of form and considers all things with her client's abilities.  I struggle with chronic back issues, and Misty always watches my form and can immediately recognize if my back is struggling!  We stop and she selects another exercise.  I fully trust her and know she always has my best interest in mind. 


Recently my 12 year old son started working with her and he loves it!  Again, she not only trains him, but chats with him!  He shares more with her than me!  But I love it!  She is simply the best in so many ways and I would recommend her to anyone looking to feel great not only physically but mentally as well." Penny Caciolo


“I highly recommend Misty as a personal trainer.  If you want to feel better, look better and live better… Misty is the ticket.  Granted, I have paid for that ticket with more jump squats and paper plate push ups than I can remember…but totally worth it!  Thanks, Misty!” Christy Harper


“Misty is a wonderful teacher and motivator!  I came to Misty with no experience or knowledge.  Within a few weeks I began to see physical results.  More importantly, I have more energy, a more positive attitude, and better sleep habits.  Misty continues to find new ways to keep me motivated and challenged.  She didn’t didn’t just help me with workouts, she helped my life for the better.” Tom Monahan


"I began training with Misty three years ago when I decided to train for my first triathlon.  What began as a way to cross train for a marathon turned into a journey that changed the way I view exercise.  I was a "one trick pony" for years with my only fitness activity being running.  Training with Misty two days a week has been invaluable to me mentally, physically and emotionally.  I discovered strength I didn't think was possible to achieve in my mid 40's.  I have run two full marathons and am doing my first triathlon thanks to the strength I have through my training with Misty.  She has tailored my workouts based on my fitness needs, what run/triathlons I have coming up and sometimes even my emotional needs! (I LOVE that punching bag!)  She encourages me through the tough workouts on the days I need it and wont let me slack especially when I don't want to do burpees. I am so grateful to have Misty as my trainer, and I am looking forward to training with her for many years to come!"  Dawn Wofford


“Anyone out there who needs a jump start to fitness and wants to feel wonderful needs to talk to Misty Jaymes! She’s the best! She’s sweet,kindhearted, in shape, beautiful, and most of all, POSITIVE! You will feel tired and a little drained, but AWESOME after you go through a workout with her. She truly cares about your well being! If you train with Misty, you’ll greet each and every day with a better attitude.” Tommy Kern


“Being a grown man I am not to proud to say that this great lady has been routinely kicking my butt for the last few months and I enjoy it! She has motivated me to change my life and instilled the confidence to do things that I no longer thought possible. I have found Misty to be extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about what she is doing. She cares about my improvement and results. I readily admit that I was apprehensive about a personal trainer, not knowing what to expect, but I am now a believer thanks to Misty. Thank you!” Bob Pietrobon


“Misty has been able to motivate me, empowering me to lose weight, be in better physical shape than I’ve been in a long time and keep me in a positive mind set. She has been intuitive enough to recognize my strengths and build me from there. Her education, knowledge and experience are evident each time we meet. The workouts vary and keep me interested. Her ability to personalize and tailor my time – specifically just for me and unlike any other person’s workout – proves that Misty looks at the whole picture. No short cuts or pre-made exercise plan here. I look forward to and happily anticipate each time we meet. Who would have thought that I would be excited about getting sweaty and challenging every muscle I have?!  (Some I didn’t even know were there!)   -Susan Danish


“I owe you my life! You’re the only person to give me the confidence to live and love life like its supposed to be! Thank you VERY much!” Jenny Balbuena


“You are one of those people who dream a dream and accomplish that and so much more. You are truly amazing and such fun to watch. You really live life like it’s a great adventure and I’m so glad to know someone like you. What an inspiration you are to so many.”  JT Bangham


“As someone who was afraid of the gym, Misty helped me feel comfortable working with the machines. She works at my own pace, and keeps me motivated to keep going. I’ll never train with anyone else!” Suzanne Doran


“Hey Misty – thank you for all the patience that you had with me! Hopefully you’ll be kicking my ass again because I really need it! You totally ROCK!!!!!!” — E. Diaz

“I hate to exercise. I hate going to the gym even more. If Misty didn’t come to my house and drag me through an hour’s workout I’d still be on my couch with the remote in my hand. I snarl, I hiss, I whine, I complain. Misty is steadfastly immune to any excuse, she’s even cheerful about it! Enthusiastic! And yes, I’m getting into shape one grunt at a time. Misty is the real deal. Don’t waste another lazy minute. But watch your back – she might be standing on it!” Judy  Knoop


"Misty is a great motivator and will challenge you every workout.  She keeps your workouts fresh and creative, so you never know what you are walking in to! If you want to get fit, healthy and strong, she should be your trainer.  I have lost 25 pounds and four inches on my waist since I began working out with  Misty last year. I highly recommend her as a trainer!"  Andy Lee


"The Fitness Studio and Chris Watkins have been extremely beneficial to me.  Chris motivates and challenges you in a very non threatening way.  Each of his classes are different and you never feel like you are doing the same things.  I regularly attend his early  morning boot camps.  What a wonderful way to start the day!  Thank you Misty for opening up a studio in Coopersburg!  And thank you Chris for pushing me to get stronger every day!"  Deepti Mhatre


“I first became acquainted with Misty when I learned of her very capable Personal Trainer skills. Her charm and personality helped me to decide, quickly, that I wanted her as a Personal Trainer. Her skills became evident as we began our training sessions. With a smile on her face, she encouraged and challenged me frequently. The challenges of her workouts were never noticed because she accomplished her mission with compassion and support. She gave me confidence every step of the way. I never realized how much I could do until I had Misty as a Personal Trainer. Her knowledge of what a person needs is unending. She accomplishes this without boasting or over indulgence. With Misty as a Personal Trainer, it’s like having your own personal cheering section. She helps a person achieve more than physical development. She helps a person find their inner strength and develop their self-confidence. On a personal note, it is also apparent that Misty cares deeply for people. This is noticed in her friendships and in her relationship with her daughter and father. She is a kind, compassionate and very willing to help. I highly recommend Misty Jaymes as a Personal Trainer. The relationship that I have with her is a valuable asset in my life.” Susan Schrantz


“I am a volunteer fire fighter. When I decided at 41 years old to take the national fire fighter I certification test I hired Misty to help me prepare. Since I began my training two months ago I have lost 20 lbs. and have greatly improved my physical fitness ability. Misty has become more then just my trainer. If I am having a bad day I know I can contact her for moral support. Misty always knows the right thing to say. Because of Misty’s help and encouragement I WILL pass the national fire fighter certification test!” Johnette  Lenik


“For the longest time, I struggled to achieve two important personal goals: losing weight and improving my upper body strength. Finally tiring of the frustration I felt when I couldn’t achieve these goals on my own, I decided to hire a personal trainer. Working out with Misty, I not only achieved my goals, but I also learned so much that I set new goals I never would have considered before. Misty has the amazing ability to make the workouts challenging and fun, and no two days are alike. That’s really important to me, as I have a tendency to get bored fairly easily. I’m amazed that she can come up with such varied exercises each time, and my husband is amazed that I’m actually in the gym at 7am before wok. That is a first! Misty is knowledgeable, down to earth, supportive, and always motivating. Her knowledge, passion to teach, and heartfelt encouragement make her the most marvelous, one-of-a-kind personal trainer! I highly recommend Misty to anyone with serious personal fitness goals who needs a thoughtful, reliable trainer to help them meet and exceed their dreams!” — Theresa  Bangham


“I hired Misty to help my son get back into shape after he had a life threating ATV accident. He lost all of his muscle that he had from swimming. He had no confidence either. She has worked with him . I can say she has not only got him back in shape, she has lifted him up. He walks with confidence. He is not afraid of anyone seeing his scar on his leg. She has also became a true friend. I would recommend her to anyone! My daughter is now wanting to train with her starting over the summer! She is a swimmer. Thanks for everything Misty!” Diane  Geroni


“I could easily write volumes regarding Misty’s passion for fitness and her effectiveness as a Personal Trainer. She knows how to motivate others and consistently provides encouragement to her clients to “press on” — literally! Misty is all about pushing herself to higher levels. She leads by example. She never settles for mediocrity. Misty carries these same expectations to the training floor. She expects diligence and commitment and will always give back more than she receives. I’ve had the privilege of meeting a few of Misty’s clients and I’ve watched them respond to her — just in a casual, social environment. It was immediately obvious to me that her clients trust her and have a deep respect for her. Each one of them captured her reputation as a Personal Trainer with the same comment: “Misty is the best!”" Debra Costanzo


“Misty is a very dedicated and passionate personal trainer. I have seen Misty’s interaction with many of her clients, and she is always motivated, professional, and driven by the results that they want to achieve. Misty is always open to new ideas and techniques, utilizing a personal trainer herself. I have seen many of Misty’s clients leave happy, fulfilled, and, of course, tired from her workouts. Misty takes the time to not only show proper technique, but to coach lifestyle choices as they are relevant to personal training. I highly recommend Misty to anyone looking to improve their fitness, quality of life, or self assurance.” Joel Stark


“Misty is passionate about being a personal trainer. She is professional, knowledgeable, and caring to her trainees. Misty is a joy to work with. As a Sales Director of Gold’s Gym, I immediately send my new members to Misty for personal training. I also recommend her to existing members. If you want or need a personal trainer, Misty is the one to go to."  Lisa Drew